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it over. good morning, mr. norton. - what did laughing boy have on his mind? same thing he's had on his mind for the last six months: jim sage. the ranchers aren't kidding anymore. either sage goes or i go. then what happens to your big plans then? catastrophe. -what's the matter with you, tarbuck? you got me into this job. -it wasn't hard. nobody else wanted it. you seemed to think it was important enough. -it is. you control the law, charlie, and you control the land. with you as sheriff and me as deputy, we can bleed this territory dry, so long as nobody finds out about our past activities. can't you get it through your head that we won't be controlling anything around here if i lose that election next month? who said you'd lose? -norton. -charlie. what would you think if told you i had the answer to the whole sage problem sitting in the hotel across the street? what are you talking about? -come on. i want you to meet somebody. -now, look. -and one thing: when we get there, k
more about it this morning the general manager here rob norton. thank you for joining us. exciting day for you. >> yeah, exciting another step. >> reporter: so what is this mean for the casino? will the restaurants -- everything be open 24 hours? >> we'll have food offering up to 24 hours, one of the restaurants will remain open all night. some of the others will remain on the same hours we expect about a 500 crowds that we currently kick out every night will now have a place to continue their entertainment experience. >> reporter: we were talking about this earlier but a lot of people don't know that you do have live entertainment here besides the casino obviously. >> yeah live is our name and live entertain system part of the brand. so -- entertainment is part of the brand. so every night we have live entertainment. to the big names that you'll find out there. we have an invitation only for joan jett coming up on the 30th and brian mcknight for valentine's day to throw out a couple of examples. >> reporter: let's talk about table games. a lot of people are curious about when they're
suspect it's because the owner of the discredited sites is joe norton, a former grand chief of the kahnawakes, who helped establish the gaming commission that cleared him of any wrongdoing in the scandal. the commission fined the two sites a total of $2 million, ordered them to repay the losses to players who were cheated, but absolute poker and ultimate bet are still in business. look, here you had a gaming commission. it was originally set up by joe norton. and his two companies come before the board, and they get a slap on the wrist. >> well, i don't think it's a slap on the wrist. we are comfortable in saying that through the gaming commission, they have done the investigation, saying that he didn't have a part in the cheating scandal. >> why didn't the commission suspend his license? >> well, they were afraid that if that was happened and the rug was pulled out from under them, so to speak, that the players wouldn't be paid. >> neither the gaming commission nor joe norton would talk to us, but in a statement, the companies said they were victimized by insiders and forme
for $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. >>> dramatic cell phone video. officer edward norton jumped into the frigid waters of boston harbor after a woman fell in. he pulled her to a nearby life rachlt she's okay. he's turned his back on holiday and is focusing on law enforcement. >> welcome back. the controversy surrounding "zero dark thirty" didn't affect the box offer opened the weekend. the film opened in just five theaters and took in more than $400,000. >> new year's eve implies that torture helped find osama bin larden. >> reporter: the film "zero dark thirty" is a hit with audience and critics but the oscar front-runner does not have many fans at the cia. it's so offensive that director mike morell sent a letter to the agency's employees last friday telling them it's a dramatization, not a reality of the facts. the film creates the strong impression that enhanced interrogation teaching them. that impression is false. the film about osama bin laden has reignited debate over what the cia called enhanced interrogation was really torture. >> the
at maryland live casino rob norton. thank you for joining us. exciting day for you guys. >> yes, good morning, very exciting! tell us what will be happening. 8:00 this morningment that will be it. the doors will never be looked again huh? >> that will be unlocking the doors for the last time which is kind of a fun thing to say. we get to go 24 hours and be able to take the excitement and fun all night long now. >> reporter: with the november referendum voters approved table games. can you give us a timeline and how soon? >> you'll actually start seeing changes on the floor in the early january. as we reshift and adjust the entire casino to make videotape for the table games. we hope to open in early spring. >> reporter: okay and what kind of games are retalking about and how many? >> we'll have over 100 of your typical vegas style games, 12. but also have poker games. you'll look at everything from blackjack to craps to roulette. so on and so forth. and then later, later on a little bit later on we'll have a -- you know world class poker room that will be opening up with about 35 to 40 games.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)